New Site, New Year

Jan. 11, 2019

Welcome everyone to my new site. The domain is the same, but the site is different from the ground up. I was thinking what I wanted my site to be about. I had a few ideas and two of them were the our recipe section and the “what I use” section. The other big thing that hit me lately is that I missed writing my own html. I have been using WordPress for a long time now for all the sites I do and my own. So I wanted this site to be hand crafted using html the old fashioned way.

I did take a bit of a shortcut and started with the bootstrap framework to same me some time getting this started. The bootstrap tutorials are amazingly straight forward. I have been using Brackets for writing the html. It’s been really fun learning bootstrap and remembering all the html stuff I had forgotten. It was a little slow at first since it had been so long since I wrote things by hand. But after I have gotten things setup it is moving along much faster. I do miss a lot of the WordPress features mainly due to the speed of posting things. Also just the ease of setting things up. I am very happy with how it has turned out and I happy to know I wrote all the html myself.

I still have work to do on the recipe and what I use sections. I will be adding more blog posts and other section along the way. I hope to add all of our recipes I think people will want. I also want to spend some time making some good Instant Pot recipes. Please check back soon and I hope to put more time on this site getting it up to date. Thanks for reading.