Covid 19 Family Update

April. 10, 2020

Like most of the world we have been spending a lot more time at our homes. That is one reason why I have time to write this blog post. I know it has been a long time since my last post, not that anyone reads these posts anyways. I just thought I might take this mandatory down time to clean up my site some, post a few recipes and write a blog post about how we are doing with all of this.

My work has been allowing me to work from home for the past couple weeks. At first it was an awesome change. I do miss the one on one interaction with the people at work. Luckily, I am still very busy, we have plenty of work to do. I have setup my temporary setup on the desk in our bedroom. Our desk is between two big windows on the second floor of our house, so I have a beautiful view of our front yard. Overall, I am enjoying seeing Brandee and the kids throughout the day. I also get the benefit of having Chewy (our dog) laying behind me on the bed most of the day.

Brandee is still teaching piano from our house using Zoom. All her students took to it very well and I’m sure their parents are glad their kids are still doing piano while being locked up. It seems to be going well but she is also looking forward to getting back to normal teaching.

Our family is doing it’s best to stay away from everyone possible. We are going to the grocery store as little as we can get away with. We are pretty stocked up right now and have created a meal plan with the supplies we have for the next 3 weeks. We are doing lots of coloring and cartoon drawings together. Brandee and the kids probably to one a day. We have been playing outside in the yard and going for runs with the kids to stay active and it’s been an awesome chance to bond with them as well. We are trying not to stress over home projects and cleaning projects. The house is clean of course but we are picking a little cleaning project to do once a day. Today was cleaning all the junk off our dresser in our bedroom. Tomorrow I need to mow and clean up my workshop. I have been taking Chewy for runs on the local trail. He is doing great and I am slowly getting faster.

I know a lot of people are not happy with being stuck at home, working from home, or having to finish teaching their kids from home. For our family it really hasn’t been to much of a shift. Yes, Brandee and I are working from home so that is new., but we are both working our same set hours. All the activities I mentioned we are doing above really aren’t much different then what we normally do with the kids. Especially since we already homeschool our kids, that part obviously hasn’t changed a bit except there are a ton of free cool things to do online right now. We are also at a great point in our lives where our kids are fun to be with. They play games with us, go running with us and are my favorite people to hangout with. I do feel sorry for the grandparents who would normally be out driving around seeing all their grandkids. I also feel very sorry for people who live in a city and who are stuck in their tiny apartments. I do realize how blessed we are to have a beautiful sunny yard and trials near our home to run on.

I am very hopeful this can all soon end, yes it may not be very stressful on our family, but I know it is for others. I also know this is not good for our economy and for the older generations. I do hope it helps us all remember what is truly important to us. Our government can’t save us, our fun exciting lives can’t save us, our friends can’t save us. One thing that has remains through all of this is God’s promises to us. He’s love does not change, what he did for use has not changed. Remembering the sacrifice he made for us on the cross this coming Sunday helps me to put all of this in proper focus. Jesus first in all we do.